I was honored to help the seller of this Bellingham home in a 55+ community. We closed on it last week — we were on the market 7 days, and accepted a full-price cash offer. I had counseled the seller (when the home was first purchased 8 years ago) that usually, manufactured homes decrease in value over time, and that they also take a little longer to sell. I was happy to be proven wrong! This property tripled in value in those 8 years!

Just like when buying art, you should buy a home that you like, that meets your needs. Thinking about resale value is a factor, but shouldn’t be your main criteria. You never know what the market will do — we did have a Recession in 2008-09, when real estate values dropped 30 percent. But that was the worst economic downturn in the U.S. since the Depression in the 1930s. Generally real estate has been a good investment over time, and the past few years in Bellingham has seen values increase as much as 15 percent in one year.

This seller’s parents really enjoyed living in this home — which offered low maintenance, great neighbors and a community building, on Bellingham’s south side. They could have purchased a more traditional home, but they liked the idea of not pouring all of their money into their living space. They knew what they wanted, and stuck to it. Now the next owner can enjoy the same great lifestyle.

One of the amazing perks of my job as a Realtor, is getting to meet people from all walks of life. No two have the same idea of a perfect home — it’s fun and rewarding to figure out what they want and help match them with their next place.

Contact me if you are interested in buying or selling, or even if you’re just curious about your home’s value. Information is power! Hope to hear from you. melissa.schapiro@exprealty.com

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