I love my job – helping people find their next home, sell their home to meet their personal goals, and learn about this community that I’ve called home since 1996.
Being a Realtor is much more than taking a client to see a house and writing up a contract. It’s a relationship.

When I am working with a client, you can count on me to be thinking about you 24/7 – reviewing new listings to see if they meet your needs, being ready to take you to see a listing right away (before it gets snatched up in this crazy market!), being available to answer questions, negotiating contracts and meeting lots of deadlines. I am committed to representing you, the client, fully.

In return, you need to know that, in a sense, we are dating. This is an exclusive relationship, and I need you to commit to working with me. I only get compensated for my work and time when we complete a transaction together.

If you go to an open house, make sure you let the Realtor know that you are working with me. If you see a “for sale” sign and want information about it, call me! I look forward to hearing from you.

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